Revel, the Really Easy Video Encoding Library

Copyright (c) 2004 Cort Stratton (cort at cortstratton dot org)

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Revel is a library designed to be the shortest, simplest path between your application and high-quality well-compressed video output. Any program that generates a series of successive images (e.g. video games, 3D graphics applications, media players, animation packages) can use Revel to output a compressed AVI video, without having to know hardly anything about the overwhelming esoterica of video encoding. Revel is implemented in C++, but the public API is in plain old C for maximum compatibility.

Key Features:

System Requirements:

Revel has been tested on Windows XP and Linux.

In order to compile Revel, you must have already compiled and installed the XviD core libraries.

Compiling Revel under Windows is not recommended for the impatient or faint of heart. To be more specific, compiling XviD under Windows is kind of a pain, and Revel requires XviD. A binary distribution of the Revel libraries for Win32 (compiled with MSVC .NET 2003) is also available, which is statically linked against xvidcore 1.0.2, so you can really just plug and play.

Download Revel

Revel is distributed as source code and pre-compiled binaries. Take your pick!


Online documentation for Revel is available (generated by Doxygen). The reveltest.cpp file (located in Revel's src directory) provides a complete example of Revel in action. For more details about the options available, consult the revel.h header file.

It's worth mentioning that the AVI files created by Revel are encoded with the XviD codec (a variant of DivX, itself a specific implementation of MPEG-4 -- but see, this is exactly the sort of crap that Revel aims to help you avoid). In order to view them, you need to have a video player capable of playing DivX video:

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